Mastering Organic Sculpting In 3D (video tutorial)

This is the synthesis of my 15+ of experience as a digital sculptor and an artist. Being an observer and having somewhat of an obsessive personality, the strive for perfection in my work has always been a force. What You'll get is the result of this obsession and countless of hours spent sculpting, reading, listening, observing and thinking. If I was to go back to early 2000s when I was starting on this tremendously satisfying journey, and I was to pick a resource that would allow to skip years of research, slamming into walls, feelings of dissatisfaction from my own creations, I would've certainly picked this tutorial.

In all seriousness though, this is as far as I could push the medium and myself at this point. Perhaps the next tutorial will take me another 15 years to make, but for the time being, if You decide to buy this richly packed volume of my efforts, I hope You will be as satisfied with the results as I am when I look at all these years being a digital sculptor.

All the information is on my Artstation store: